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In 1986 Michael "Papa Dweeb" Blue was a talented yet struggling musician trying to make a living playing music while being able to provide for his family at the same time. Back then Michael was the frontman and bassist for a band called

"Vicious Rumor".

The band had grown quite a buzz around the twin cities and western Wisconsin area packing clubs up and down the WI/MN border, however the band was never able to make enough money to pay the bills and support Michael's growing family. Michael decided to change it up and start fresh with a new band name, new image, and play more of a variety of music. His criteria for creating this new band were three things. First off, the band name had to be something people would remember, and could relate to. Secondly, he wanted an image to help create an environment that is fun for everyone. Last, he wanted to play a variety of music for all ages. It was after reading an article about nerds in the "National Enquirer" that Michael knew he would call his new band "The Nerds". They would dress up, and play the part to the hilt. Crazy stage antics, high energy, and audience participation all became a staple for the band.    

By 1994 the band had grown quite popular in the twin cities metro area playing bars, festivals, street dances, and company parties. Just when things were starting to pick up for the band, a band from New Jersey had contacted Papa and let him know that they owned the trademark name for "The Nerds" and that he could no longer use the band name. This was Papa's introduction to Trademark Law. So now he had to come up with a new band name that would still utilize the nerd image. That's how The Dweebs were born. 23 years later, Papa Dweeb has the privilege to share the stage with his two sons, Mike Jr. and Benjamin along with his daughter Claire, as they continue to bring smiles to faces young and old, far and wide all throughout the United States.

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