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A collection of songs written and recorded between 1981, and 2015. Each song has its own story. Here are those stories, and previews of each of the songs.  

"Gypsy Love"

Michael Blue – music & lyrics / Pete Cincoski – music  / Tom Conners - music

Written in 1986 -  this version was recorded in 1995 as one of the first recordings at Apple River Studios current location.

 Pete on Lead guitar, Tom on the drums and Papa performed all vocals, played  bass,  and keyboards.

Gyspy Love - Michael Blue - Pete Cincoski - Tom Conners

"Asking For Your Love"

Michael Blue – music & lyrics

Written in 1992 – this version recorded in 2011 at MBP Studios. 

I was inspired by my lovely wife Dana as I wrote this song  from her perspective. It was very easy to write the lyrics as I just used phrases I had been hearing repeatedly for years.

Mike Jr is on the drums, Tom (T Bone) Coen on piano and I performed all guitars, bass and vocals

Asking For Your Love - Michael Blue

"Don’t Want To Lose You"

Michael Blue – music & lyrics / Pete Cincoski – music  / Tom Conners - music

Written in 1986 - Recorded at Apple River Studios in 2010 and mastered in 2011.

The song was released on “Singles Dance” by The Dweebs in 1996.  That version was very close to the original writing.  However this recording is considerably different.  I changed up the cadence of the lyric and  gave it a classic country feel.

This song was written in a studio in Minneapolis.  I wrote the lyrics in one room as Pete was laying down the guitar tracks in another room. I found it funny that we all went home with a cassette tape of the song and claimed to our perspective wives / girlfriends, “I wrote this for you honey”

Mike Jr. on the drums, Ed Schmidt on pedal steel, Tom (T Bone) Coen on piano, I performed all guitars, bass, all vocals and keyboard strings.

Don't Wanna Lose You - Michael Blue - Pete Cincoski - Tom Conners

"This Song Sucks"

Michael Blue - music & lyrics

Written and recorded in 2009 at Apple River Studios.

Most song writers have the uniform objective to write a good song. I was trying to think “outside the box”.   I wanted one that sucked. (Even though I have plenty of those already but those I will not claim.) I tackled my challenge and the song pretty much just  wrote itself.

The backup vocals are performed by my daughter Karalee, and my granddaughters Allysa and Casey. I performed the piano, keyboard clarinets, acoustic guitar and lead vocals.

This Song Sucks - Michael Blue

"Girls" (Country)

Michael Blue – music & lyrics / Pete Cincoski – music / Tom Conners – music

Written in 1986 – this version recorded in 1992 at Apple River Studios.

This song was originally written as a rock song at Brown Institute in Minneapolis.  I thought I would change the rocked out version of this song, and turn into a country song.  I performed all of the tracks on this recording including the programmed drum machine.

Girls (Country) - Michael Blue - Pete Cincoski - Tom Conners

"Broken Promises"

Michael Blue – music & lyrics / Pete Cincoski – music  / Tom Conners - music

Music was written in 1986 – this version was recorded in 2009 at Apple River Studios.

I liked the music to my country version of “Girls” but I wasn’t too crazy about the lyrics and melody. I also wanted a song for Claire to sing.  While looking for content, I grabbed a celebrity magazine and on the cover was a photo of Brittany and the words “Broken Promises.” That’s it!  The lyrics and melody were done within a half hour.  It’s fun to try to sing both songs (Girls Country)  at the same time. Try it.

Mike Jr – Drums / Ben Jamin – Bass Guitar & Back Up Vocals / T Bone – Piano / Claire – Lead Vocals / Papa – Back Up Vocals, Lead Guitar & Strings

Broken Promises - Michael Blue - Pete Cincoski - Tom Conners

"Tears and Time"

Michael Blue - music & lyrics

Written in 1992–recorded in 2007 at Apple River Studios.

The original version was a cross between The Beatles and Dave Clark Five.  It was very commercial with 3 part harmonies on top of a driving rock beat. I recorded all of the tracks on this song. While recording I was inspired by many artist.  George Harrison on lead guitar, Aerosmith’s rhythm section, John Lennon, Sam Kinison, Axel Rose all on lead vocals

Tears and Time - Michael Blue

"Neil Young Stole My Dog"

Michael Blue - music & lyrics

Written & recorded 2007 at Apple River Studios.

I live within a couple blocks of a concert site. The last time I say my German Shepard ”Bull”, was just before the Neil Young concert. Nothing else needs to be said.  Papa – Piano & Lead Vocal

Neil Young Stole My Dog - Michael Blue

"Nothings Too Good For My Woman"

Michael Blue - music & lyrics

Written in 1984–Recorded in2006 at Apple River Studios.

The title was inspired by the opening of the The Muppet Movie where the Bass player says , “Sure Mama – Nothin’s Too Good For My Woman.” The original version was an acid rock John Lennon type song.  Once again I take the liberty of turning it into a country song.  While my favorite local country band “Trigger Happy” was in my studio recording, I asked them to record one of my songs. My daughter Trandy and I are on the vocals. T Bone is on the piano.

Nothings Too Good For My Wamen - Michael Blue

"Smoke Your Cigarette"

Michael Blue - music & lyrics

Written in 1995–Recorded in2005 at Apple River Studios.

This melody and opening lyric was in my head for over two years before I finally sat down and finished the song.  It’s about my Love / Hate affair I’ve had with tobacco. Mike Jr – Drums / Papa – Piano, Strings, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Back Up & Lead Vocals

Smoke Your Cigarette - Michael Blue

"Favorite Saloon"

Michael Blue – music & lyrics

Written and recorded in 2015 at Apple River Studios

I came up with the opening line in the garage with a Johnny Cash type delivery. I grabbed an acoustic guitar and wrote the music and the rest of the lyrics in a very short time. Some songs just write themselves as I pictured a hometown saloon and customers that like their beer. Mike Jr –Drums / Ed Schmidt on pedal steel,  Papa – Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals,  Mike Jr, Ben Jamin, Claire and anyone else I could find to do the answer chants.

Favorite Saloon - Michael Blue

"Golfers Drive Nice Cars"

Music & Lyrics – Michael Blue / James Grunke

Written 1982 / Recorded 1986

Recorded in the bedroom studio in Forest, WI James and I noticed all golf tournament broadcast  were sponsored by “New Car Commercials”. We also thought we would tribute “The Cars” lead vocalist with “Cars – A – Ars – A – Ars”.  The song was  performed live with Lose Change and Vicious Rumor . I still receive request to play that golfers song even yet today.  Pete Cinscoski – Lead Guitar & Backup vocals  / Papa – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar / Jim Berger – Drums & Backup Vocals

Golfers Drive Nice Cars - Michael Blue - James Grunkel

"I Guess Not"

Music & Lyrics – Michael Blue

Written in 1998 / Recorded 1998 Apple River Studios

This song was inspired by Hard Luck Woman by Kiss with a Neil Diamond style vocal.  I never was very happy with the lyrics however I always loved the grove to the song. Pete Cincoski – Lead Guitar / Tom Conners Drums / Papa – Lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, special Guest Dave (Swanee) Swanson on Saxaphone.

I Guess Not - Michael Blue


Music & Lyrics – Michael Blue / Dana Blue

Written in 1981 / Recorded in 1986

I wrote the lyrics on a napkin in the dark coming home on the tour bus from a Wizard show. I had submitted 13 songs to the KQRS Homegrown Album contest and all 13 songs were in the finals. KQ had picked Together to be the one offered on the Homegrown Album. We recorded the song at Sound 80 in Minneapolis. Pete Cincoski – Lead Guitar & back - up vocals / Jim Berger – Drums & back - up vocals, / Papa – Bass pedals, keyboards & lead vocals.

Together - Michael Blue - Dana Blue

Finally, here is a catalog of covers Papa has recorded over the years. These are all free download, and stream  

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