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The Performers 

Papa Dweeb

(Vocals, Keys, Guitar)

Papa Dweeb is founder, creator, producer, agent, performer, and many more titles for the band. With over 30 years experience in the music industry, He is the thriving force behind the band and has built a Dweeb Family Empire through sharing his passion, love, and talents to people across the united states  



Joining his father on stage at the age of 6, Mike Jr grew up being surrounded with a love and passion for music. Along with his brother Ben and sister Claire, they would form the "Nerd Babies" and could be found performing in their bedroom to countless stuffed animal spectators. Mike took up percussion in the 6th grade, and would study music throughout his teenage years at their home studio. In 2005 he was given the opportunity to be the drummer for The Dweebs. 


(Vocals, Guitar)

Benjamin James Blue started his music career in 1989 playing drums in his fathers band, and is also a founding member of "The Nerd Babies". From there he showed interest in learning other instruments such as guitar, and vocals. He has always been fascinated with writing and recording music as well. His hobbies include golfing, Texas Hold 'em Poker, and song writing. His musical influences are Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Glassjaw, Taproot, and Korn.



Watching her father sing and perform on stage inspired Claire to want to be a performer by the age of 5. She made her debut on stage with her brothers Mike and Ben as "The Nerd Babies" singing the classic 1964 hit "Hang on Sloopy". She joined the Dweebs at the age of 15 and has been the lead female vocalist for the band ever since.

Gabe Lincoln


Gabe joined the band in the spring of 2015. He started studying music at a young age, picking up the cello, and joining the school choir in 5th grade. His musical career went another direction when he started listening to metal music. He picked up the Bass guitar at the age of 15 simply because his friends band needed a bass player. He went on to study music theory, and jazz up to a college level at the University of River Falls. He's gone on to preform in multiple choirs, orchestras, and jazz bands across the twin cities.

Aaron Rogers


Begining with the ukulele at age 4, so began Aarons crusade to make beautiful noize. Aaron strives to be a well rounded multi- instrumentalist, proficient on the drums, bass, piano, singing, and shredding on the guitar. Aaron's biggest inspiration is In the playing of Sir Eddie Van Halen of which Aaron showcases In his face melting 1ManHalen act. In his youth Aaron spent much time devoted to magic tricks, juggling, unicycling, and a fascination with special affects make up. He grew up wanting to join the circus and in The Dweebs he truly feels he's found one.

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